Google Domains.

Full funnel marketing for Google’s website building and hosting company.



Google Domains helps small businesses get online. This can be an existing company going online for the first time, or it can be a new business being created. To reach them we launched full funnel marketing in three channels: display, video, and social.

Step 1


Just like in real life, don’t start with your resumé. Start with hello, and a smile.

These ads introduce Google Domains and tell a simple story that speaks to the needs of either the start-up or going online audience.

video thumbnail
video thumbnail

Step 2


If we succeeded in making a great first impression, our audience will really notice these ads. They each present a single, crystal clear, reason to use Google Domains.

We have a bigger variety of creative here so that we can increase ad frequency and really hit home with these rational arguments.

Step 3


Most people don’t take action right when they see an ad. For them we've created a series of gentle reminders that are visually different to catch their attention and encourage them to act when the time is right.

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Animated social & display ads for the world's number one traffic app.

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