We’re staffing up all our offices and looking for friendly, creative, talented, passionate, and humble individuals to help shape the future of our company.

The perks

We can honestly say that Bannerboy is a great place to work. Here are some of the reasons:


Life is not just work

Work-life balance is important to us. We work reasonable hours, very few late nights, and not a single weekend to date.

We have tons of fun

We're profitable and have healthy finances, which means we can spend money making our offices awesome, taking the team on trips, and going out for beers.

Start fresh

Are you tired of iterating the same things for months? Our projects are relatively short, which means you'll be proud and satisfied when you close it down and move on to the next one.



We work with the latest technology such as mobile WebGL and interactive touch screens. We are pioneering what the future of digital advertising will be.

Build your portfolio

You’ll work with big, international brands making beautiful things. We are all about craftmanship and finish.

Learn & evolve

Regardless if you're a promising rookie or a experienced veteran, our super talented team will have lots to teach you.

FOR YOURfuture

See the world

We have offices in Stockholm, Amsterdam, NYC, and more coming. We encourage our staff to move around and get new experiences.

Make your own workplace

Bannerboy is a young company and there aren’t a lot of rules or “ways things are done”. You can shape your role and influence what you want your work place to be like.

Fast track your career

Many of our junior employees have progressed to a middle - senior level in less than a year.


These are the specific roles we are looking for right now.

Digital Producer


As a producer at Bannerboy you’ll manage your own projects from start to finish, backed by a team of digital experts. Adding your own ideas and vision for flavour, you’ll make sure to always surprise our clients with beautiful work, and the most epic service they’ve ever experienced.

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Sr. Creative Developer

Stockholm & New York City

Your obsession with clean, lean, and smart code is surpassed only by your love of crisp, smooth, animation. You know that God is in the details and you take great pride in your craft. You enjoy the mix of problem solving and making beautiful things.

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Motion Designer


You’re like a magician. Every little .PSD or vector you touch becomes fireworks of moving eye-candy. You‘re comfortable working with various animation and design techniques and software, and you obviously have a pretty sweet portfolio and/or reel to show this.

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Sr. Designer

Stockholm & Amsterdam

You'll be leading in the concepting and creation of digital products such as display ads, rich media ads, digital out of home, retail installations, mobile web, etc. You're always thinking of the little details and animations that make the work shine.

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Not on the list?

We’d love to hear from you anyways.

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Right on!

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